VOLVO VIDA 2021 Diagnosis System VOLVO VIDA Diagnostic Tester,Oem VOLVO Diagnostic Tool.
Vida 2021 is a diagnostic system for Volvo vehicles. To use Vida 2021, anetwork connection is always required, because all information is obtained online, and the new version works automatically through the Internet.
Vida fault diagnosis workflow is an application for all model years. The fault diagnosis workflow includes fault tracking based on DTC (diagnostic trouble code) and / or CSC indicated by customers. Tie technical support can be provided for special faults.
Vida 2015 will be updated several times a year for information and applications. After the new version of Vida is released, the application will be automatically upgraded when you log in.

Content of Vida 2021 system:
-Diagnosis work, provide complete fault diagnosis workflow function.
-Software download, Vida software download is applicable to all models of vehicle software, polestar software needs to be ordered to download.
-Part information, can access the parts catalog.
-Workshop information, comprehensive access to workshop repair information.
-Standard hours, which provide the calculated time to perform an operation.

In Vida, the method of vehicle communication varies according to the diagnostic protocol used by the vehicle model. In addition, diagnostic protocols offer different possibilities for the way Vida can diagnose a vehicle. According to the vehicle communication method, there are two main vehicle groups in Vida:
-VDS agreement models (Applicable to all new SPA and CMA platform vehicles).
-D2 and GGD agreement models (for all vehicles on all other existing platforms).
VDS protocol vehicle supports diagnosis through Ethernet cable. This will simplify the communication process and the method of providing communication between vehicles faster than before.

complete components include Vida toolbox, Diagnostic computer, Dice Vci Tool, Ethernet cable, Voe Adapter,Obd cable,Power Cable, Usb Cable, Vida password, Vida user card….

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