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NIO NDS BD1 BD2 Diagnostic Tester Tool, NIO ES8 ES6 EC6 ET7 ET5 Diagnosis system, NIO car Diagnostic fault scan firmware update Coding Flash Programming.

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NIO NDS BD1 BD2 Diagnostic Tester Tools.
Language: English,Chinese,..
Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 16 days.
NIO NDS BD1 BD2 used for NIO vehicle Repair Diagnostic fault scanning firmware update Coding Flash Programming.
NDS system can be updated,Through convenient upgrades,,In time can be service latest models.
Supported models: ES8 ES7 ES6 EC6 ET7 ET5 EP9 …..

Diagnostic function:
ECU flashing
Close factory mode
Vehicle configuration code
BMS data recovery
Vehicle configuration code
CGW function check
Key learning
Anti-theft learning (write IMMO)
Clear fault code
Read fault code
Uninstall certificate and replace ADC
Dynamic calibration of trinocular camera
Radar sensor calibration
Airbag controller calibration
Air suspension calibration
Seat position calibration
Steering wheel position calibration
Calibration of yaw angle sensor
Tire pressure monitoring system calibration
Electronic parking brake calibration
Brake booster calibration
Turn off the brake pad wear alarm
Activate battery voltage wake-up function
Inverter resolver offset angle
Special function diagnosis
CGW function check
Write VIN code
Write part number
Write a certificate

Tool warranty period is 2 years. We also provide long-term technical service support. If the factory has a new diagnostic tester tool update Substitute, we can also recovery buy back your tools equipment.


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