Ferrari Service Special Tools kit $8,500.00
Ferrari engine gearbox chassis repair special tool kit $8,500.00

Ferrari Special Tools,Ferrari Workshop service Special Tools,Ferrari engine gearbox chassis repair service special tool kit,OEM Ferrari service special tool.

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Ferrari Workshop Service Special Tools,Ferrari engine gearbox chassis repair service special tool kit.
Tools List Materials:
AM107317 95977317 engine oil sump support tool
AS107318 95977318 glass replacement tool
AS107564 95977564 hook accessory for hoisting gearbox
AS107565 95977565 engine / gearbox / subframe disassembly trolley
AS107566 95977566 engine oil sump removal tool
AS107567 95977567 roof lifting hook
AS107568 95977568 roof reinforcement bar L=1100
AS107569 95977569 support for hydraulic roof pump
AS107570 95977570 roof reinforcement bar L=806
AS107571 95977571 support / maintenance trolley for RHT roof
AS107572 95977572 gearbox removal trolley
AS107573 95977573 safety extensions for gearbox disassembly trolley
AS107579 95977579 HV battery support tool
AS107580 95977580 HV/LV battery handling tool
AS107581 95977581 insulated HV battery lifting tool
AS107583 95977583 electrohydraulic lift trolley for removing/refitting rear subframe
AS107584 95977584 vehicle lifting cross bars
AV2621 95972621 swivel head base
AV3300 95973300 adapter for tool AM106628
AV3304 95973304 attrezzo smontaggio/montaggio tampone ammortizzatore
AV3307 95973307 roof support frame
AV3345 95973345 spacer for punch AV 102178
AV3400 95973400 engine oil filter wrench
AV3411 95973411 spacer tool for tool AV2622
AV3412 95973412 wrench for intermediate ring nut on secondary shaft (3 components)
AV3413 95973413 spacer for tool AV3275
AV3414 95973414 bearing locator spacer for tool AV2622
AV3415 95973415 base for extracting bearing race from flange
AV3418 95973418 bag fitment tool
AV3419 95973419 lateral cover lever centring tool
AV3429 95973429 cylinder bank lapping tool
AV3432 95973432 engine hoisting frame
AV3433 95973433 lever for installing timing chain
AV3434 95973434 tool for fitting O-rings on crankcase and lower crankcase shell fastener stud bolts
AV3435 95973435 screw for goniometer connector hub (AM105784)
AV3458 95973458 tool for centring shaft clearance between universal joint and actuator
AV3536 95973536 pressure tightness test blanking plate
AV3537 95973537 adapter for valve guide seat installation punch
AV3546 95973546 anti-rotation tool for retraining dumper in vehicle
AV3602 95973602 water-oil pump installation tool
AV3603 95973603 camshaft immobiliser tool
AV3604 95973604 adapter for engine timing angle reference tool
AV3605 95973605 tool for centring and installing check valve on right and left hand cylinder banks
AV3606 95973606 adapter for trolley (900026230) for transporting and handling engine-gearbox assembly
AV3607 95973607 tool for immobilising crankshaft for dumper installation (with engine in vehicle)
AV3608 95973608 protective plate for intake ports in heads
AV3611 95973611 gearbox pressurisation connector stud
AV3615 95973615 retention bracket removal/fitment tool
AV3838 95973838 tool for manually checking variable valve timing adjuster
AV3844 95973844 tool for installing right hand float valve
AV3845 95973845 tool for installing left hand float valve
AV3978 95973978 timing reference tool
AV3979 95973979 engine hoisting frame
AV3980 95973980 Holder adapter for valve seat wear measurement dial gauge
AV3981 95973981 engine water pipe pressurisation kit
AV3982 95973982 engine oil pipe pressurisation kit
AV3983 95973983 intake header cover shield
AV3984 95973984 tool for aligning cylinder sleeves (used together with tool AM107231)
AV3985 95973985 tool for checking variable valve timing adjuster
AV3994 95973994 tool for adjusting engine compartment lid striker plate retainer bracket
AV5379 95975379 forks for lifting vehicle
AV5736 95975736 roof support frame
AV6038 95976038 wrench for detaching delivery pipe from pump to steering box
AV8063 95978063 weight sensor centring pin
AV8064 95978064 weight sensor centring pin
AV8065 95978065 tool for topping F1 kit with oil
AV8066 95978066 ring for removing oil tank cap with F1 kit
AV8072 95978072 tool for aligning cosmetic tailpipe tips with exhaust tailpipes
AV8073 95978073 template for positioning F1 system kit pipes
AV8076 95978076 F1 gearbox kit pipe positioning template
AV8161 95978161 feeler gauge for aligning the gear engagement-selection lever
AV8168 95978168 354 mm template for setting correct distance between chassis and gearbox
AV8169 95978169 template for installing and checking alignment of engine mounting bush
AV8170 95978170 spacers for fitting LEXAN window
AV8171 95978171 engine ancillary belt tensioner
AV8172 95978172 torque wrench (replaces torque wrench usag 815f)
AV8173 95978173 Battery powered riveting tool
AV8174 95978174 pump for topping up gearbox and clutch oil
AV8175 95978175 wrench for tightening fuel pump ring nut
AV8176 95978176 chiave serraggio galleggianti serbatoio carburante
AV8177 95978177 exhaust tailpipe extensions
AV8178 95978178 RHT kinematics retainer rod
AV8179 95978179 separator tool for tonneau cover
AV8180 95978180 latch centring template
AV8181 95978181 feeler gauge
AV8182 95978182 template for checking depth of tonneau cover lock latch
AV8183 95978183 vehicle anti-tipping retainers
AV8184 95978184 vehicle anti-tipping retainer fastener brackets
AV8250 95978250 exhaust tailpipe gaiter (for use together with one element of extension set AV8177)
AV8252 95978252 engine fastener brackets and clutch housing shims for lifting engine
AV8253 95978253 pins for lifting engine-gearbox assembly
AV8254 95978254 engine retainer bracket for gearbox removal
AV8255 95978255 spacers for trolley AS107565 for removing/refitting rear removable subframe
AV8257 95978257 tool for fitting flexible exhaust pipe
AV8259 95978259 fuel pump spring compressor brackets
AV8260 95978260 engine removal / installation eye bolts
AV8349 95978349 transmission shaft support tool
AV8350 95978350 pin for aligning engine mounting bushes with front removable subframe
AV8351 95978351 pin for aligning front/rear removable subframes
AV8353 95978353 PTU removal/installation tool
AV8354 95978354 lower engine support beam, transmission housing side
AV8357 95978357 attrezzo smontaggio albero trasmissione
AV8365 95978365 immobiliser tool for tonneau cover hinges
AV8369 95978369 immobiliser tool for tonneau cover kinematics
AV8621 95978621 tool for immobilising flywheel rotation
AV8623 95978623 centrelock wheel nut wrench
AV8625 95978625 4 petal M8 wrench
AV8821 95978821 protective covers for HV connectors
AV8822 95978822 belt installation tool
AV8825 95978825 engine hoisting brackets
AV8826 95978826 engine support crosspiece
AV8827 95978827 wrench for loosening belt tensioner
AV8828 95978828 rotating crankshaft damper wrench
AV8829 95978829 air bleed connector
AV8830 95978830 transmission shaft removal adapter
AV8839 95978839 adapters for engine / gearbox / subframe disassembly trolley
AV8842 95978842 engine support/hoisting tool
AV8843 95978843 engine support
AV8844 95978844 immobiliser tool for crankshaft
AV8845 95978845 camshaft immobiliser pins
AV8846 AV8846 tool for checking TDC
AV8847 95978847 crankshaft rotation tool
AV8848 95978848 ADAS radar adjustment tool
AV8850 95978850 cover for terminal of HV cable from HVB, battery side
AV8851 95978851 cover for terminal of HV cable from EM
AV8852 95978852 cover for terminal of HV cable from HVB, inverter side
AV8853 95978853 cable carrier kit (RH + LH)
AV8854 95978854 front axle cover
AV8855 95978855 pliers for retainer blocks
AV8859 95978859 tone wheel guard kit (RH + LH)
AV8860 95978860 battery cover kit (RH + LH)
AV8861 95978861 electric machine (P2) handling and centring kit
AV8863 95978863 HV battery handling tool kit (Coupé/Spider)
AV8864 95978864 tool for bleeding the MT cooling circuit
AV8865 95978865 tool for bleeding the BT cooling circuit
CS102916 95972916 cylinder sleeve projection measurement dial gauge
CS104488 95974488 dial gauge for measuring piston TDC
CS106524 95976524 tool for checking gap between pinion and bearing seat
95978866 UN 3480 certified HV battery shipping case


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