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Ferrari Maserati SD3 Diagnostic Tester Equipment Tools.
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Ferrari Maserati SD3 diagnostics system introduction:
The SD3 Diagnostic System is an electronic device for the diagnostic of electronic control units (ECU) installed in modern vehicles.
The SD3 diagnostics system is a palmtop device with a backlit color LCD display and a membrane keypad with twenty keys; it is also equipped with· three standard RS232C serial lines:
· six standard ISO9141 / CARB / KEYWORD 2000 serial lines.
· two standard CAN serial lines.
· multimeter in volts (up to 200 V d.c.) and Ohm (up to 1 Mohm).
It can be interfaced to a PC containing the software required to update the ECU diagnostics software through one of the following lines:
· standard RS232C serial line
· USB serial line
· Ethernet 10/100Mbit network
· Ethernet Wireless 802.11b network
For better efficiency and faster data transfer between the PC and the SD3 unit, we suggest you use the USB. line or an Ethernet/Wireless network for communications.
SD2 Emulator:
The SD3 diagnostics system can be used with SD2 Diagnostics software in the emulator mode.
The latter must be transferred to the SD3 tester through the basic SD3NET software and using the special SD2 Porting CD (Never use the old SD2 CD).
If you wish to run diagnostics in STANDALONE mode, follow the old SD2 instructions.If, instead, you wish to run diagnostics using the SD2 software on the PC, you must first press the “START SD2 EMULATOR COMMUNICATIONS” button on the SD3 tester. Be careful because in this mode, the only communications line possible between the PC and the SD3 is the RS232C serial line.
The SD3 Diagnostics System has an integrated multimeter that can take measurements in Volts (up to 200V dc) and Ohms (up to 1 Mohm). This function can be selected from the SD3 Tester main menu.
Scantool OBD:
The SD3 Diagnostics System has an integrated Standard Scantool OBD software. This system makes it possible to automatically check for systems able to support the service (engine, shift, …). Once the control unit has been identified by the software, you can check some parameters/errors supplied by the system itself. This function can be selected from the SD3 Tester main menu.

Ferrari Maserati SD3 diagnostics tester part contents:
· SD3 Diagnostics Tester with basic software
· Serial cable for SD3/SD2 connection to PC (SD3-CBL01) [095970327]
· Connection cable for feeding among SD2 and SD3 bridle (SD3-CBL08) [095970334]
· Diagnosis cable with SD2 bridle (SD3-CBL07) [095970333]
· EOBD SD3 diagnosis cable (SD3-CBL06) [095970332]
· Cigar lighter socket feeder (SD3-CBL09) [095970335]
· 10/100 Mbps Ethernet cross-over cable [095970329]
· Power supply feeder (SD3-CBL05) [095970331]
· Multimeter cable (SD3-CBL02) [095970328]
· ISO 1 extension (SD3-CBL10) [095970336]
· ISO 2 extension (SD3-CBL11) [095970337]
· Installation CD-ROM [095970326]
· SD2 B-CAN adapter (SD3-CBL12)
· SD3 Manual [095970324]
· USB cable [095970330]
· SD3 Wireless board
· SD3 Quick Reference
· LAN crossover TCP-IP harness
· 8 metal-point rods for Multimeter
· PC cable RS232 (5 metres)
· PC USB/Wireless board
· Suitcase

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