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Ferrari 70004445 Carbon wheel Kit,OEM Ferrari original parts.

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Ferrari 70004445 Carbon wheel Kit.
Market∫ Australia; CND; Cina; Corea; Europa GSX; Filippine; Giappone GDX; Giappone GSX; Golfo; Singapore; Sud America; Taiwan; UK; USA.
Used for Model: 488PistaSpider,488Pista,488Spider,488GTB, F8tributo,F8Spider.
Kit list:
866267 FRONT WHEEL 2
866268 REAR WHEEL 2

You can order a unique 20″ carbon fiber wheel for the Ferrari F8 488. The wheel is a monolithic carbon fiber component with a bright lacquer, which is about 40% lighter than the standard model. Due to the unsprung mass of the wheel, it is lighter during acceleration and braking. The role of weight is particularly prominent in terms of handling and responsiveness. The channels and spokes have a special white paint coating applied to aviation, which can very effectively reflect and dissipate the heat generated by the braking system, even if they are frequently used on the track. Can guarantee continuous and stable performance.


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