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Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic Tool,Aston Martin AMDS Tester,Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic System,Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic Tester Scan Tools.

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Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic Tester Tools .
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> AMDS (Aston Martin Diagnostic System) is the latest step forward in diagnostic technology for Aston Martin vehicles. AMDS is a bespoke Aston Martin designed and developed diagnostic system, which will completely replace the previous WDS system. By creating the AMDS Software ‘in-house’, Aston Martin can respond rapidly to any issues and deliver new calibrations, car config file, datalogger files and/or software via online support on demand.

> AMDS is the most powerful and sophisticated diagnostic tool ever made available to Aston Martin franchised dealer network, providing fast vehicle diagnostic procedures and relevant tools, and now, online Help to assist Technicians when using the system. AMDS is a giant leap forward in diagnostic technology for Aston Martin vehicles. AMDS combines the ease of use and familiarity of normal microsoft PC programs with a high specification laptop computer. AMDS is being introduced to improve the diagnostic capability of Aston Martin dealers.

> Aston Martin AMDS update,’New Auto-Update Feature’ once installed, ‘Auto-Update’ will tell you if there is a software update missing from your AMDS system. once it has been established that a software update is missing, the ‘Auto-Update’ feature will then prompt you to update your AMDS system automatically. this eliminates the need for users to check for updates each time they log-in. until a satisfactory method of automatic updating can be designed, AMDS updates are made available in two types of download,major updates and intermediate updates.
The ‘Auto-Update’ feature currently applies to V12 Vantage, DBS, V8 Vantage, DB9, and now Vanquish and DB7 vehicles.

> Aston Martin AMDS is a PC based application Diagnostic tool, that operates within a standard Windows operating environment. The AMDS Software has been designed to be intuitive and as user friendly as possible.
AMDS uses a standard Panasonic CF-18/19/54 Toughbook laptop computer which has been specifically designed to operate in an arduous environment and with the VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface) offers diagnostics for past, current and future Aston Martin vehicles.
The diagnostic capabilities of AMDS include:
• Full DTC Read and Data Logger Diagnostic
• EOBD Diagnostics
• OBDII Diagnostics
• Full Vehicle Configuration
• Full Vehicle Software Updates
• Flash Reprograms
• Special Function Applications
• A suite of Special Applications
AMDS will be supplied pre loaded with the relevant operating system software and software updates are provided online using Manual and an automatic update process.
AMDS diagnosis applicable vehicles : Aston Martin Models produced in 2003-2017, for example DB9 DBS One-77 Rapide RapideS Lagonda Taraf Vanquish VanquishS Zagato Vantage VantageS Virage.
on AMDS systems,Additional apps are available for DB7 DB6 DB5 DB4 Cygnet and Vanquish (01MY).

AMDS Tester Tools include :
• Panasonic CF19 or CF54 Laptop
• AMDS Diagnostic System
• AMDS System License
• Vehicle Communication Interface VCI
• Diagnostic Link Cable OBD/DLC
• Diagnostic Link Cable DLC
• AMDS Training Manual
• Power Cable Battery
• USB Extension Lead
• Intel Network Cable
• DVD CD-RW Drive
• USB Attach Cable
• AMDS Carry case
• USB Flash Drive
• AMDS User Guide
• AMDS Workstation

> Aston Martin AMDS it does not support new car models diagnostic (eg DBS Superleggera  DB11 DBX…), if you need a new diagnosis, we recommend buying AMDS2, in AMDS2 it overwrites the old AMDS1 system.
Aston Martin Oem AMDS uses standard Panasonic CF19 or CF54 Toughbook computer,this needs to be checked according to the oem inventory when ordering. for two different computers, their functions are the same.
Tool warranty period is 5 years. we also provide long-term professional technical service support.

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